Nadi Spencer







Nadi Spencer

Nadi Spencer

Three Rivers, CA


I'm known for my colorist paintings and murals my goal is to capture my passion for nature and life with color. I have been a professional artist for 40 years, painting in watercolor and acrylics, loving both. It's rejuvenating, like changing the music from opera to rock. My vibrant , close-up watercolor views of animals and food represent a slice of the whole picture, challenging you to look closer to fill in the rest of the story. My acrylic paintings range from landscapes of the Sierras to murals that tell a much broader story. I am inspired by the foothills and mountains of the Sierras surrounding my gallery, and I looks forward to spending a lifetime painting the area. I live in the most beautiful place in the world. You just have to stop, stand still, and open your eyes. It's all there color, line, light. I'll never run out of subject material.
I like the challenge of trying something that might be beyond my capabilities. I works in my studio 7 days a week work and pleasure are synonymous unless working on a mural. Whatever the current project is, fun is a critical factor. Painting is magic and I want magic in my life every day. There isn't anything more exciting. I woke up this morning and thought I'm living my dream life.


Persimmons by Nadi Spencer


Peaches by Nadi Spencer


Peppers by Nadi Spencer


Eggplants by Nadi Spencer


Asparagus by Nadi Spencer


Lorikeet by Nadi Spencer


Yellow Tree by Nadi Spencer


Tree Long by Nadi Spencer


Leaves Long by Nadi Spencer


Turkeys by Nadi Spencer


Sequoia Deer by Nadi Spencer


4 Grays by Nadi Spencer


4 Shires by Nadi Spencer


Horse Head by Nadi Spencer


Buckskin by Nadi Spencer


Draft Mules by Nadi Spencer


Francis by Nadi Spencer


Saddle Texture by Nadi Spencer


Cowboy Classic by Nadi Spencer


Stirrup Up by Nadi Spencer


Janessa's Hat by Nadi Spencer